Lise Winter-Jensen

Lise Winter-Jensen
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1978 (M.A. + two years), Literary History, University of Copenhagen.

1981 – 1983 private education in gestalt therapy by Tony Horn, Ph.D.

1983 – 1984 private education in art therapy by Elise Frigast, body and art therapist.

1999 – 2005 training group for psychologists and psychotherapists, leader: Gary Yontef,

Ph.D., USA.

2006 – 2010 training group for psychologists and psychotherapists, leader: Todd Burley,

Ph.D., USA.

Studying Literary History of course meant competence in text-analysis and theory of communication, but my areas of specialization became psychoanalytic theory, social history, and history of mentality. With this theoretical background it was not farfetched to go on and study psychotherapy. From 1978 I have worked with education and communication and from 1984 also with psychotherapy and supervision as well as coaching.

Examples of institutional teaching experience:

1978-85 lecturer, part-time, University of Roskilde.

1979-83 lecturer, part-time, University of Copenhagen.

1990-94 lecturer and instructor, The School of Art and Psychotherapy, private institution, Copenhagen.

1994-96 lecturer, supervisor, and director, The School of Art and Psychotherapy.