“Why don’t you want what I want?” – foredrag med Rick Maurer

Ved dette foredrag sætter Rick Maurer fokus på, hvordan vi hver især kan udvikle vores evne til at påvirke andre i arbejdssammenhænge. Foredraget vil være baseret på bogen, Why Don’t You Want What I Want? Bard Press. 2002.

Rick Maurer fortæller følgende om foredraget:
Through some presentation and a lot of practice, people heighten their awareness of ways in which they build support for their ideas – and ways in which they make matters worse.

I cover:

  • The three levels of support and resistance.  (Along with my version of the cycle of experience) this is the foundation of virtually all of my work with clients.
  • Six principles of engagement. These six principles help people increase their skills at influencing others.
  • Principles of Engagement Assessment. This assessment invites people to choose one individual with whom they need to increase their influence. After taking the assessment, I often invite people to talk about their scores with one or two other people to heighten awareness of why  they scored things in that way. . . And then I ask them to choose one or two principles that they could tweak. I believe that by making even a slight adjustment (starting with a gestalt experiment), they can begin to shift the way in which they engage or make contact with others.
  • I often use theater improvisation to teach these principles. This makes for a very active and engaging session. I think this might be a very good fit for your trainers.

The theory behind the theory. I explain how what I am teaching is based on gestalt theory. In particular, I will address the gestalt view of resistance, the Paradoxical Theory of Change, how my work was influenced by Yontef and Jabobs’ relational gestalt therapy approach to therapy, and the importance of gestalt experiments.

Rick Maurer

  • Begivenhedsinformationer:
  • Dato 18. september 2014
  • Tidspunkt 18:00-21:00
  • Sted KGI, Nørre Voldgade 21, 5, 1358 København K
  • Målgruppe Alle er velkomne til foredraget
  • Pris 300 kr. pr. person Indbetales på reg. 4180 konto 0010404673 med koden "MAUERF"
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